Motivo is THE ideal way to find a great supervisor


Motivo is seeking to create a new standard in the therapy profession. We reached out to one of our first customers to find out how Motivo is creating an easier path towards licensure.

Rachel: How did you hear about Motivo?

Craig: After receiving my training and degree while living in Kentucky, I moved to a semi-rural section of Georgia. I discovered that I did not have any connections or contacts to the counseling profession in my area. With Atlanta being an hour away, and Atlanta’s active north side being even further, I could not find a Georgia board-certified supervisor within a comfortable driving distance. I made a few calls around my area and a soon-to-retire Georgia Board Supervisor told me about a new online option that the Georgia Board would recognize.

Rachel: What do you like about Motivo?

Craig: The Motivo website gave me so many options! I was able to view counseling credentials and bios on a large group of clinical supervisors. I was specifically looking for someone with a much different background than mine. My logic was that I could learn more from my supervision relationship with a person who was not just like me. Motivo gave me so much information about my potential supervisors that I had trouble deciding which one to approach!

Rachel: What was the process for connecting with a supervisor?

Craig: I contacted the supervisor of my choice through the Motivo website. I was promptly contacted about setting up a video meeting. We had a kind of “mutual interview” to see how compatible we were with each other. A representative from Motivo also participated in our interview to moderate and to help us make sure we were on a good path together.

Motivo gave me so much information about my potential supervisors that I had trouble deciding which one to approach!

Rachel: How does Motivo differ from in-person supervision?

Craig: Compared to my other options, the process of using Motivo was very user friendly and convenient. Think about how many miles and how many places I would have needed to drive to go from interview to interview! Think about how much more difficult it would have been to find out about potential supervisors! I know it is difficult because I had already initiated a separate search and had many unreturned voicemails out there. Face it: many board-approved supervisors are very busy and aren’t sitting around waiting for post-grads like me to call. In fact, we don’t even know which ones are interested in taking on people like us. Through Motivo, I knew up front that I was contacting someone who was interested in talking to me. And I knew quite a bit about them before I ever asked them one single question.

Rachel: Would you recommend Motivo?

Craig: I highly recommend Motivo to my counseling friends and colleagues. In fact, I am eager to make this resource known to my graduate program institution. I’m sure that many more post-grads could benefit from having online supervision from a high quality, board-approved professional. In my opinion, Motivo is THE ideal way to find a great supervisor.

Rachel: What do you like about your supervisor?

Craig: My supervisor is everything I could have hoped for. She gives me a multicultural perspective, tough analysis, constructive criticism, and solid advice on different clinical approaches. I know that I am in a professional relationship where I am fully supported, wholly encouraged, and armed with the confidence to help clients in the best way that I can.