FAQs from Supervisees

How can Motivo make my path to licensure easier?

Are you having trouble finding a supervisor that fits your needs? Do you have to travel an extra distance to meet your supervisor? This takes time and extra money. Does supervision more than you would like? Are you on the fast track and find it hard to get enough supervision hours? We can support you in all these areas with our network of incredible supervisors. Our community of mental health professionals is growing every day.

Does my state allow online supervision?

We recommend checking with your state board before moving forward with online supervision. We are working to provide updated information on what we know. If it’s still uncertain, please let us know and we can discover what’s possible for you.

What are the rates to use Motivo for Online Clinical Supervision?

The payment rate varies based on the type of supervision you are using. See chart below. Our rates were decided after careful research comparing clinical supervision rates across the country in both urban and rural areas, and among new and seasoned clinical supervisors.

Motivo Rates

Individual Supervision

Dyad Supervision

Group Supervision

$60 / hour

$50 / hour

$40 / hour

When and how do I pay for my sessions?

After setting up your payment account (link will be emailed), you will be automatically charged after each session you attend.

I found a supervisor on your website I'd like to meet.

We would love to set up a consultation video call and introduce the both of you.

I would like to find a dyad or group session, how does that work?

Let us know and we can find other supervisees that are also looking for a dyad or group in your state.

Do you have any supervisors in my state?

On the website, the “Find a Supervisor” can be sorted by state. We are getting new supervisors all the time, so it’s possible we have another option that may not have their profile set up yet. Feel free to ask us. Also we are happy to find a qualified supervisor to fit your needs, just let us know.

I think there may be a possibility for a better supervisor match, how do I find out?

We would be happy to hear your needs and set up consultation video call with another supervisor. This is a big reason Motivo was created. We want to provide the best supervision experience possible for you.

I would like to see how it works.

We’d love to show you. Email hello@wearemotivo.com and we will set up a discovery meeting to show you how simple it is.

I have not yet graduated, but I want to be proactive. What can I do?

You can set up a discovery video call (hello@wearemotivo.com) and you can get your questions answered so you are prepared to hit the ground running after graduation.

How many hours can I get in one year?

This will depend on your state board requirements. There is no limit for Motivo. If you would like to speed up the process, we are here to make it easy for you.

I currently have a supervisor, can I also use a supervisor with Motivo to count towards my hours?

This is a state by state decision. You will want to confirm with your state board. If they grant you permission, it’s great with us.

I am looking for a supervisor with a certain specialty / modality. Can you help with finding someone?

We would love to find you a supervisor that is experienced with your needs and the perfect fit for you.

Can I meet more than one supervisor when deciding who to choose?

Sure. We are happy to set up multiple supervisor introductions until you find the best fit for you.

The State Board Requirements do not allow online supervision, can I use Motivo for extra training / consultation?

Yes, some supervisees do not have access to a supervisor with the specialty they are wanting extra training. Motivo can be a great solution for connecting with a supervisor that has experience in space you want to be trained.

What makes Motivo HIPAA-Compliant?

Motivo utilizes a third-party telehealth video platform for all Clinical Supervision sessions. We have a Business Associates Agreement with the third-party telehealth platform, which provides HIPAA-compliant protection.