We, here at Motivo, couldn't be more excited for you as you step out on your path toward licensure!  It's an exhilarating (albeit, slightly daunting) journey, but we assure you... it's totally worth it.  

Motivo would love the opportunity to walk alongside you and share our tips and tools from our own professional experience.  We are a group of like-minded therapists who created a community just for you.  We understand how difficult the early years of establishing your career, determining your niche, and collecting those pesky supervision hours can be.  We'd like to make it a tad bit easier.


Motivo provides online clinical supervision through a secure video platform.  We are excited to be the first HIPAA-compliant platform connecting you to your ideal clinical supervisor. 

But, we like to believe that we are more than that. 

Truly, we are a resource, a community, and guide to bridge the gap between graduate school and licensure.  Paying it forward to the next generation of therapists is what our clinical supervisors love to do. 


As a Nova Southeastern University alumni, you get special treatment!

All NSU alumni receive 25% off the first 3 supervision sessions. (Our ongoing rates aren't too shabby either;) Because we've been in your shoes before, we are committed to creating an accessible and affordable path to licensure.  Pretty cool, huh?  We think so.

(first three sessions)

(ongoing sessions)
Individual Supervision $45/hr $60/hr
Dyad Supervision $37.50/hr $50/hr
Group Supervision $30/hr $40/hr

*Not sure if online supervision is allowed in your state?  Just ask us and we'd be happy to help you find out!

You can view our list of available supervisors here.  If you are ready to dive in, pick a few that interest you and we'll help you set up a free 15-minute consultation session with them.

Or, if you want to ask some questions first, no problem, submit an interest form here and we'll schedule a discovery call with you to fill you in on all the details.

Other questions?

(423) 509-8717

Side note... we are a pretty new company and we are still building our network of supervisors.  If you don't see a supervisor for your state listed here, reach out to us and we'll see if we can find one for you.  We have more and more supervisors joining our community every day.